Sunday, June 1, 2008


It's unbelieveable! This weekend I bought a game for $10. 2K Sports' NHL 2K6. As I play it, I bask in a certain glow. This is my first hockey game since EA's NHL '98 for the PS1, so it's been awhile, yet I'm having a blast. There's a goalie control which is so much fun, there awesome passing controls, awesome presentation, tons and tons of stuff to do! Just one problem though. THE GAME DOESN'T F**KING WORK!

So after I learn the shit, then play a practice game, I dive right into the Season mode. I set up my team (the Blue Jackets) and face off against the Washington Captials. I win, and then I go to Exit the match and continue play and... STOP! The game doesn't freeze it just stops on the loading screen. So I reset and play again. Of course since I couldn't save my season, I have to set my lines up ALL OVER AGAIN! I win, freeze, I win, freeze, I win, freeze, I win, freeze! I'm thinking WHAT THE F**K! The consoles fine. The game isn't frozen as I can see the dots moving along. What a pile of bullshit. At first I thought, "hey it's a used game, what do you expect?" but no, I suspected something deeper. I check online, "NHL 2k6 problem", sure enough, this rabbit hole goes deep. Christ there's even a note on it's wikipedia f**king page! Board posts up to 30 pages long of people having the same problem.

Now let me explain something to you. If a game developer f**ks up, it's their goddamned duty to fix it. Here's some examples:
  • Ubisoft noticed Silent Hunter had some bugs and release a patch post haste
  • Bungie released the Halo 3 beta about 7-8 hours late, so they gave their fans an extra 3 days with the beta
  • Hell, when Xbox Live was f'ed up over Christmas Microsoft gave EVERYONE a free game.
  • CHRIST when Gamespot gave some lame f**king truck racing game a 1/10, the makers of that game even released a patch

So what does 2k Sports do? "You need to reformat your harddrive." Which is slang for "ERASE EVERYTHING YOU'VE DONE ON YOUR 360!"

Why not just shit on peoples faces? Seriously this isn't a movie. If your in a movie and and the projector catches fire, you say "we'll there's 10 dollars down the tube" Some people payed between $60-$80 for this game! Seriously 2k what are you THINKING!? Taketwo (owner of 2k) Was close to being bought out by EA. You want to guess what NHL 2k6's competition is? EA SPORTS' NHL GAME! What a way to shit on your fanbase. Basically what they said was:

"Don't worry, just spend ANOTHER $80 on 2k7 which we obviously won't support and may or may not work!" Or you could go out and buy EA's NHL game. Thank god that it only cost me 10 bucks and I'm going to return it for another game tomorrow. Go f**k yourself 2k.

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