Friday, May 23, 2008


One of my favourite things to do in Grand Theft Auto IV multiplayer is to go up to a roof with a sniper rifle and well... snipe. However today was different. I had already gone up once and was restocking ammo and going back up. Well as I was going up I heard "There's an orange guy over here follow me!" I look at my radar and notice that they indeed are coming towards me. A second later..."He's going up! There's got to be a door in there! There it is!"

Now first you have to understand this is a 30 story hospital. It takes almost two minutes to get to the top. It's a huge hassle. So at first I think, "Crap! I'm outnumbered!" and for a second I panic. A second later I realize, "Hey I have a rocket launcher and the element of surprise!" Of course I watch them both begin their scramble to the top. It's quite humourous, much like mice through a maze. On their way up one says "I hope he doesn't have a mic. He'd know we were coming." Oh sweet irony. I get in position at the entrance and prepare, checking periodically to see their progress. The 1st is only a few flights from the top. I get to position and kneel down. He comes up gun drawn but he doesn't stand a chance as I unleash hell. For me it almost felt to risky. "He had a rocket launcher!" he exclaims, well this time I go up against the wall where I can see them coming up and put my RPG of the railing. The second is only about two floors from the top and I fire one straight into his cage like coffin.

At this point they're all pissed off. "Oh my god. I just wanted to see the top!" At this point I also laugh maniacally! The first one respawns and begins to ascend again. The second says "I'm getting a helicopter!" Well the first one met the same fate as the second as only a few floors from the top I fire into the cage containing the stairs. He dies.

I spend the rest of the level trying to shoot people. The second guy goes after a helicopter but goes to the airport which is way to far to get back in time.

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