Monday, September 12, 2011

Welcome Back to TWIFF 2011: WEEK 1

This year rather than having college teams I've elected to have 4 NFL teams. Let's see how they did:

First is the Caledonia Maulers. With Peyton Manning injured, his brother Eli had to step up, snagging 14 pts. RBs Steven Jackson and Green-Ellis totaled 20 pts combined. My WRs and TE totalled 46 pts and kicker David Akers put the cherry on top with 15 pts.
Final Score: 106 Caledonia Maulers - 96 Leathernecks
Analysis: Great first win, team looks good, going to have to pick up someone to replace Peyton, busy waiver wire this week.

Up next is the Hamilton Stingers. Starting QB Tony Romo played well getting 21 pts. Primary RB Michael Turner got 12 pts. My receiving corps totaled 44 pts (Miles Austin, Jimmy Graham and Steve Johnson). The Chargers DST and John Kasay rounded out the team with 24 pts.
Final Score: 105 Hamilton Stingers - 63  Mother Green
Analysis: Another great win, Romo played great, and the whole team looked brilliant.

The Tornadoes are part of the league that my family is playing in. I took a late pick with Matt Stafford as QB which payed off with 28 pts. Green-Ellis got my 9 pts on RB, but it was my receiving corps that was the monster 52 points. The Eagles luckily made up an error on my part (Hartley was out and I didn't have time to change him) with 19 pts.
Final Score: 110 Tornadoes - 83 AJ Crushers
Analysis: Should be even better once I get an active kicker

Finally the Haldimand Thunder played well too. Michael Vick scored 26 points and McFadden got 15 pts. My tightend and kicker both fell short.
Final Score: 105 Cowboys - 93 Thunder
Analysis: Going to get some new TE & K, over a good start

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