Sunday, September 18, 2011


Let's start with the Caledonia Maulers who picked up the Steelers DST from waivers to get 19 pts! A big shout-out to Miles Austin for 32 pts. But really the whole line was amazing! Kasay (K) had 14 pts, Moss and Wallace (WRs) had over 30 pts combined, waiver wire pickup Starks (RB) had 11 pts and Green-Ellis (RB) had 13 pts. Finally waiver wire pickup Grossman (QB) snagged 19 pts!
Final Score: 158 Maulers - 68 Domination
Analysis: Damn! Even my Bench did well (Packers DST 14 pts and Henderson (WR) 16 pts). The guy who gave up the Steelers must be kicking himself! I believe this is probably my highest score in fantasy football thusfar.

Now for the Hamilton Thunder who in addition to Austin (32 pts remember) had both RBs (Fred Jackson and D. McFadden) getting 49 pts combined! Vick got 17 pts and throw in Henderson's 16 and Kasays 14 you get...
Final Score: 148 Thunder- 85 Trollshrouds
Analysis: Another unbelievable performance by everyone involved.

Next is the Hamilton Stingers, they had Tony Romo getting 25 pts, Ben Tate and Michael Turner (RBs) combining for 30pts, Austin's 32, Steve Johnson's 15 and Kasay's 12
Final Score: 146 Stingers- 93 Wreckin' Crew
Analysis: Simply amazing. Another blow out win. Austin has earned his pay.

Finally its the Tornadoes, who were going against my father's team the Rhinos. If you followed my fantasy teams last year you'll know that I suffered a devastating loss to them in the Championship. Out for blood, Matt Stafford (a risky draft pick) snapped up a monster 33 pts. Mendenhall (RB) had 13 pts, the Johnson's (WR) totaled 30 pts. Rob Gronkowski had an amazing 20 pts at tight end and Kasay again had 14 pts.
Final Score: 118 Tornadoes - 100 Rhinos.
Analysis: Finally some revenge. A dish best served with a 4 team sweep.

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