Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Sweep of a Different Sort TWIFS

I don't want to talk about this. Last week my teams were on overdrive. This week however, we lost Miles Austin, Beanie Wells, and had a complete melt down of our Running corps.

Let's start with the Maulers who lost 107-89. Starks (RB) and BGE (RB) got -2 and 1 respectively. Grossman (QB) got 12. Shout outs for Gronkowski, Wallace and the Steelers D for keeping it in shooting distance.

Now on to the Haldimand Thunder  who lost 101 to 94. Again BGE had 1 point which f'd us. Dieon Branch had 0 points which didn't help. Ryan Fitzpatrick and McFadden both scored over 20 pts so props to them.

Next is the Hamilton Stingers, who were wiped out 156-87. This game was pretty much unwinnable.

And finally the Tornadoes lost 103-92. Beanie Wells out and Mendenhall got 3 points. The Eagles DST had 3 pts too. Thanks to Stafford, and the Johnsons for keeping this close.

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