Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Love?

I know, I haven't been updating lately. I'm appalled. A lot has been going on lately and I'm far to busy to do proper posts. I guess my first thing to introduce is Geocaching, geocaching is a game (although I don't like calling it that) in which you use coordinates to find caches that other "players" hide. I enjoy it because it basically combines everything I love: history, geography, nature, exploration, finding stuff, technology. It also gives me a much needed reason to exercise.

It started as a solo thing but I quickly got my mom and girlfriend into it. I'm already at 137 finds! Which is shocking to me because it seemed like I was just at 100 a week ago. I guess I have to set some sort of goal for myself. So if I get to 399 before it starts to snow (so Nov. Dec.) then I'll buy a Premium Membership a and likely get a GPS for Christmas. If I can somehow keep my current pace it should be no problem.

Places I've Geocached:
Port Colborne (met Dex4 a veteran geocacher)


Babygirlqt18 said...

Geocaching is Funnnn!!! Yes you have gotten your girlfriend (me) into it! :).. Babyboy you have been alot of places!! Niceee :) I love you<3

Babygirlqt18 said...