Friday, May 21, 2010

Geocache Update

Been awhile since my last big geocache hunt, last Wednesday to be precise, and with Sharon12 down in New York geocaching (lucky bum). I think it's time to do a little tour of Ancaster. After that I'm going down to Niagara Falls tomorrow for a Flash Mob geocache event and then on Sunday it's Cayuga for an Introduction to Geocaching Event! Busy weekend!

I also had my 150th cache this Wednesday. I wanted to help get Sharon12 a travel bug before she went to New York, so at about 10PM we decided to detour and grab a new cache. It was fun, tons of decoys, and it was our first night cache too, without a flashlight we were going by GPS and cell phone light. But in the end someone else grabbed the tb earlier in the day. Too bad.

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