Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lightning Strikes Twice

Wow this is embarassing. Okay today I went to check out a house on Woodlawn. So I walked to Woodlawn and I couldn't find the number! The landlord calls me (thank god I gave her my number) and I find out it's Woodland! WOODLAND! WHOEVER NAMED THE STREETS IN THIS TOWN SHOULD BE SHOT! Seriously every street is named after some form of WOOD!

  • Woodlawn Rd

  • Woodland Dr

  • Woodgate Dr

  • Whiteoak Cr

  • Royal Oak Dr

  • Wychwood Rd

  • Idylwood Rd

  • Trelawn Pkwy

  • Woodside Ave

  • Edgewood

  • Northwood Dr

  • Poplar Cr

  • Cedarvale Cr

  • Hickory Crt

  • Larchwood Clr

  • Newleaf Cr

  • Birchmount

  • Linwood

  • Westwood

  • Oakmount Rd

  • Ridgewood Dr

  • Apple Ct

  • Fernwood

  • Redwood

  • Birch St

  • Cedar St

  • Rosewood Ave

  • Beechwood Ave

  • Pine st

  • Woodington Pl (Okay now they're just making wood names up for the sake of it. Seriously Woodington? Why now Woodsalot or Woodville or Woodopolis!)

And I shit you not.

  • Sherwood Forest Park (an actual Park area)

  • Sherwood Forest Tr.

  • Robinhood Lane

  • and Little John Cr.
So I didn't have my map (stupid me) I had to go back to my residence which luckily wasn't to far. Now I'm going to Subway to give a footlong for $5. (As a way of thanking them for getting rid of the ass monkey commercials)

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