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Practically Everything You Need to Know About Lost

I first recommend you watch a summary video, to get a small gist of the story this is a pretty good one.

The Island: The island is a character itself. It has the ability to heal and has other strange properties including magnetic, a smoke monster, and the island itself can travel.

Here is the timeline of the island (note decades are pretty much guesses):
  • ? Jacob and the man in black, The Others
  • 17-1800s: slave ship Black Rock crashes on island (Used by 815 Survivors for explosives)
  • 1950s-60s: US military attempts nuclear testing on the island but are fought off by the Others
  • 70s-80s: Dharma Initiative begins tests on the Island, setting up a number of research stations
  • 80s: The French ship crashes on island
  • 90s: Drug running plane crashes on island
  • late 90s early 2000s: Desmond's vessel crashes on island
  • 2000s: Flight 815 crashes

Flight 815 Survivors:
Jack Shepard-
Jack is a surgeon, his half sister is Claire (he did not know this before the crash). Before the island he fell in love with a patient but that relationship ended badly. He was on Flight 815 to transport his fathers body from Australia, he and his father had a difficult relationship and his father appears as a ghost on the island to people. Jack and Sawyer have a conflicting relationship because of their different personalities but also because of both their intimate relationships with Kate. He also has a conflicting relationship with Locke. After being heartbroken by seeing Kate and Sawyer together. Jack begins a relationship with Juliet. After they are split up and Jack becomes part of the Oceanic 6, Jack and Kate become a couple. After returning to the island Jack agrees with Faradays plan to blow up the island because he wants things to have happened with Kate without Sawyers involvement.

*Note: Jack met Desmond before coming to the island before Desmond left for his trip

Sawyer's parents both died when he was young because of a conman. Sawyer spent his entire life looking for revenge. He found it when Locke needed Sawyer to kill Locke's father, who was the conman. After this he found relative peace. Sawyer was on the plane because he believed the conman was in Australia, and kills the wrong person. Sawyer has a relationship with Kate until she becomes part of the Oceanic 6. Then, as part of the Dharma initiative he becomes involved with Juliet.

*Note: Sawyer makes up nicknames for every one on the island (ex. Freckles is Kate)

Before coming on the island Kate was on the run for killing her step-father who was abusive to her mother. Kate became involved with Jack and then Sawyer. She left the island with the Oceanic 6, was acquitted of her crimes and became a couple with Jack, taking care of Claire's baby Aaron.

Claire & Aaron-
Claire is Jack's half-sister. She came on 815 to give up her baby for adoption in America. Claire gave birth to Aaron and was fond of Charlie. Aaron ended up with Claire's mother after Kate gave him to her. The whereabouts of Claire are a mystery as she disappeared from the rest of the survivors.

Charlie was part of the band Driveshaft with his brother. However the band fell apart after going into drugs. Locke mentored Charlie out of drugs and Charlie began taking care of Claire. After being told by Desmond that he was going to die, he said goodbye to Claire and Aaron, and drowned while turning off a Dharma station, allowing rescue for the other survivors (and warning Desmond of the impending attacks). Charlie is also good friends with Hurley.

Sun & Jin-
Sun was born to a wealthy family and Jin a poor farmer. They married and Jin in order to earn her father's respect, began working for him by intimidating others. This changed Jin's personality and Sun began having an affair and was going to run away to America. Sun decided against this in the airport and stayed with Jin. On the island she learned she was pregnant and Jin learned of her affair. Jin was thought to have died in an explosion but survived with the Dharma initiative. Sun meanwhile as part of the Oceanic 6 took hold of her fathers company and raised her daughter before going back to the island for Jin. Jin is good friends with Hurley, Charlie, Sayid and Michael.

Michael & Walt- After years of separation Michael becomes Walt's father again and tasked with protecting him on the island. Walt meanwhile has supernatural powers. Michael loses Walt to the Others and becomes distraught, eventually shooting Libby and Ana Lucia to free Ben and get off the island with Walt. Walt lives with his grandmother after learning that his father killed and Michael becomes depressed, returns to the island and dies in an explosion that saves Jin. Michael was friends with Charlie, Jin and Hurley. Walt is friends with Locke, and is currently still off the island.

Boone and Shannon-
Boone and Shannon were step-siblings. Despite this Boone developed an attraction to Shannon but her feelings were not the same. Boone befriends Locke and dies early in season 1 while scaling the drug plane.
Shannon becomes intimate with Sayid but is killed by Ana Lucia.

Sayid worked for the Iraqi Army as an interrogator. While in the army he met a girl who he fell and love with and was searching for. On the island he made friends with Hurley and Jin. He later fell in love with Shannon and was distraught when she died. After leaving the island as part of the Oceanic 6 he found his true love but she was killed by Whitmore's men and then he joined forces with Ben to kill them. When back on the island Sayid was captured by the Others attempted to kill the young Ben.

Hurley-Hurley's father left him when he was a boy. Later he won a multi-million dollar jackpot using "the numbers" which reunited them. After this he became cursed, having many bad things happen to him. He quickly became friends with Charlie, Sayid, Jin and Michael. He also became friends with Libby, quickly becoming intimate, before she died which crushed him. He left the island as part of the Oceanic 6 and checked into a mental hospital. Hurley went back to the island with rest of the 6.

John Locke-Locke before the island was conned by his father into giving up his kidney. When Locke was going to report him to the police, his father pushed him out of a window, resulting in him being in a wheel chair. Locke then worked at a box factory, and had a telephone relationship with a woman. He traveled to Australia to go on a walkabout but wasn't allowed. On the island he regained the use of his legs and became a man of faith. He discovered the hatch and attempted to expose the button for being a lie, which caused an explosion. Locke became leader of the Others and attempted to get the Oceanic 6 back to the island. Ben killed him and then an impostor Locke got Ben to kill Jacob.

Ana Lucia & Libby: Ana Lucia and Libby were both in the tail section of the plane which landed on the opposite side of the island. After being attacked by the Others, they made their way to the rest of the 815 survivors. Libby started a relationship with Hurley and before the island was a mental patient, her story was never finished before both were killed by Michael.

Mr. Eko- Also from the tail section, Mr. Eko's brother was the drug runner on the drug plane which crashed on the island. Eko was also a drug lord but became a priest. He attempted to build a church on the island and was killed by the smoke monster.

Other characters: Rose & Bernard- These two were ended up on separate parts of the island but eventually found each other. Rose had cancer but the island kept it at bay. The pair didn't go with the rest of the survivors and it's believed they are the Adam & Eve skeletons found in the cave.
Nikki & Paulo- Their story is told in one episode. Essentially they make major discoveries but don't inform the rest of the survivors and are buried alive.

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