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The Dharma Initiative-
A group of scientists who performed tests for the islands abilities and set up stations throughout the island.
Arrow- Basically the armory. Mostly empty when found by the tail section survivors, probably ransacked by the Others.
The Swan- The Swan is the station found by Locke and holds the button that contains the islands strong electromagnetic pulses. This is what brings down Flight 815. Desmond lived in the Swan for 3 years prior to 815. Locke causes the Station to explode.
The Flame- Communications station.
The Pearl- Basically used for monitoring the other stations. Quite small.
The Orchid- A greenhouse disguises the underground temple like area which Ben uses to teleport away from the island.
The Hydra- A zoo complex where tests on polar bears (and likely sharks) took place.
The Staff- A hospital, usually used for the birth problem.
The Looking Glass- An important station that resupplied and guided submarines, as well as block communications from the island.
The Tempest- A chemical lab that could release poisonous gases throughout the island
The Lamp Post- An off island station that's main use it to find the island.
Basically the Dharma Initiative was destroyed when Ben betrayed them and all the people in the camp were killed.

The Others: A group of people who have been on the island for quite some time. Members include Faraday's Mother, Ben Linus, Richard Alpert, Whitmore, Ethan, Juliet, Tom and Mikhail.

Ben Linus-
Ben's mother died in childbirth and his drunken father became a janitor for the Dharma initiative when he was a boy. Ben befriended Sayid as a boy and helped him escape but Sayid then shot Ben to try and prevent him from growing up. Ben was healed by the Others and became one of them. He became leader of the Others and killed his father and the rest of Dharma. Ben took a liking to Juliet who did not feel the same way. Ben developed a tumor and required Jack to remove it, so he went to the 815 survivors and was freed by Michael. He did get the surgery. He also raised Alex after stealing her from her mother. Whitmore's men killed Alex to try and get to Ben but Ben teleported himself to the real world, moving the island in the process. Ben then used Sayid to kill Whitmore's men and killed Locke before returning to the island and killing Jacob.

Richard Alpert-
Richard is probably one of the biggest mysteries of the show. He doesn't seem to age. He acts as an adviser to the leader of the Others.

Juliet went on the island to help her sister, who Ben promised he would aid. Her job on the island was to solve the birth problem: every mother impregnated on the island would die midway through her pregnancy. Unfortunately she couldn't solve the problem and wanted to leave, even though Ben liked her. Juliet then got into a relationship with Jack. Once they were split up however, she went with Sawyer. In the last Season finale, she fell to the bottom of a pit and activated the bomb.

Alex Rousseau-
Alex was born on the island by Danielle Rousseau, before being stolen and raised by Ben. She falls in love with fellow Other Karl, who Ben disapproves of. Danielle is reunited with her mother. But both Karl and Danielle are killed by Whitmore's men. Alex is then killed in an attempt to get Ben to surrender himself. An enraged Ben attacks Whitmore's men with the smoke monster.

Supporting Characters:
Danielle Rousseau-
Crashed on the island pregnant via a French Research vessel. Danielle later would end up killing the rest of the crew who became sick. After giving birth to Alex, who is kidnapped by Ben. Danielle leaves a message on the radio tower. She also lays traps throughout the island. She is reunited with her daughter Alex. But is later killed by Whitmore's men.

Charles Whitmore-
A member of the Others, he is knocked off the island by Ben. He then becomes a wealthy businessman and father to Penny Whitmore. Penny becomes engaged to Desmond but Whitmore disapproves. Whitmore also sends a crew out to find the island. Ben after his daughter is killed, finds Whitmore and promises to kill his daughter, Penny but fails.

Desmond was a former member of the British army, in order to impress Penny's father Desmond travels around the world by boat. Unfortunately he crashes on the island. He then spends 3 years pressing the button. After being discovered by the survivors he tries to leave the island but cannot. When Locke destroys the Swan computer, Desmond activates the fail safe. The explosion causes Desmond to not only see into the future, but also interact with the past. Desmond is reunited with Penny and they have a son together. After Ben tries to kill Penny, he ends up in the hospital.

Whitmore's Science Team:

Dan Faraday-
A physicist, comes on the island looking for answers. Faraday has done tons of research before coming to the island. Faraday's mother was an Other and kills Faraday in the 60s and neglects to warn him. Faraday falls in love with Charlotte. In the end he is the one who tells Jack to blow up the island, in order to try and bring back Charlotte. Faraday worked at Oxford University.

An anthropologist, Charlotte was on the island as a child with the Dharma initiative, which causes her to become ill faster. Charlotte begins to fall in love with Faraday but dies before Faraday can save her.

Frank is an experienced helicopter pilot. He flies the Oceanic 6, Desmond and himself off the island. While off the island, Frank becomes a pilot and ends up being the pilot of the plane bringing the 6 back to the island. He is currently on the island in the modern era.

Is a medium who communicates with the dead. He ends up in the 70s with the Dharma initiative.

Arrives on the island with the Oceanic 6 but appears to know a lot about the island

Jacob & The Black Dressed Man-
Jacob IS the island, or the owner of the island or something. Regardless, it appears that Jacob and TBDM are enemies. They cannot kill each other though. Jacob is throughout all the Lost characters history, for example Jin & Sun's wedding and right after Locke is knocked out of the window. Jacob is killed by Ben in the finale.

So where is everyone?
On Island:
In 70's- Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Faraday (Dead), Sayid, Jin, Hurley,
In Present- Ben, Frank, Illana, Locke (Dead), Jacob (Dead), Sun

Desmond, Penny, Walt, Whitmore, Aaron
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