Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Look At: Talladega

Today I read an article at CBS sports in which, more than once, Talladega was called a crapshoot.
Yup, Talladega is just a random race, where there is no discernable skill involved what so ever.

Of course Talladega is one of my favourite tracks, so allow me to prove them wrong:

I took the race winners from 1999 onwards to see if there was a pattern:

1999- Both won by Dale Sr.
2000- Jeff Gordon
2000- Dale Sr.
2001- Bobby Hamilton. "Oh!" Your saying, "guess your wrong." Let's read the wikipedia article, shall we?

"The entire 500-mile race was run caution-free...A physically and mentally exhausted Hamilton slumped to the ground after exiting his car and was given oxygen from a tank before giving the standard post-race Victory Lane interview while sitting on the ground, leaning against the drivers door."

I think he deserved it.

2001, both 02 and 03- won by Dale Jr.
2003- won by Waltrip (when DEI was in it's prime remember)
2004- Gordon
2004- Jr.
2005- Jarrett (Don't make me have to argue Jarrett being a good driver. Don't embarass yourself)
2006- Jimmie Johnson
2006- Vickers (Remember he had to push Jr and Johnson out of the way to get the win too)
Both 07- Gordon
2008- Kyle Busch (one of many for Busch last year)
2008- Stewart
2009- Keslowski (Crashed out Edwards on the final lap)

So maybe that'll help clear the air of all the bull anti-dega people like to spill.

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