Sunday, October 23, 2011

Some updates and reflection

What a summer! It's hard to believe that I actually went to GeoWoodstock this year, it seems like years ago now. Some of the other highlights:
  • Over 100 caches in one day!
  • 100 days in a row with a cache!
  • Placing 15 caches!
  • An amazing day at Dairy Daze!
  • Introducing my cousin to caching (He now has over 100 finds!)
  • A double event day
  • A September with over 180 caches.
  • Starting Waymarking 
  • Caching with legends like Bruce Iroquoia, Pasha 88, Surly2 and Karen Renora
Whew. This month I have less than 20 caches. It's because, well, partly laziness. But a lot of it is the shorter days combined with disorganization. Add in school and a job then well, you get the picture.Thankfully a no-school week should bolster my numbers. In fact I'll give you a preview of what's coming up.

  • Caching partner Sharon12 will be getting her 1000th cache this week. She's chosen Deerbait, an old cache that dates back to 2001.
  • BFL Night is coming up, this will be my first attendance and I'm excited. I'll report back to you.
  • I will be getting an iPhone 4S as early as tomorrow. I'll be reporting on how it compares to my Magellan in a few weeks.
  • A ton of ideas for new caches.
  • Visiting the GPS Maze in Toronto.

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